Hello there, good people! I’m trusting you had a splendid week. Ours was splendid over here. Happy Halloween and make sure you don’t go and get yourself into trouble, but if you do get into trouble, what are friends like Stingray Bail Bonds for?

Last week, we spiced things up with a bit of history. Today, we are going to talk about other fun facts you were probably never aware of. These facts could be what would save a loved one from spending a night in jail. So, without much ado, let’s delve into the business of today. We are going to proceed with these facts in an interesting manner. We will talk about Zachary.

Zachary was arrested for armed robbery and possession of illegal firearms. Why a fine fellow like Zachary would wake up in the morning and decide that the best way to go about life was to become a criminal was a source of bafflement to many. Some said it was peer influence, others said that it ran in their family. Was his great uncle not hanged for murder?

All these speculations were not about to prevent the fact that Zachary was about to be thrown in jail. Zachary’s brother Tim was not about to let that happen. Good old Tim, bless his soul, although a tough businessman, had a soft spot for his younger brother. Tim started making inquiries as to how he would obtain bail for his brother until his trial.

Tim searched and found a reputable bail bond agency (let’s say Stingray Bail Bonds). The bail bond agent he met was very friendly, Tim didn’t know much about how the process worked so he decided to learn as much as he could. A shrewd businessman, he needed to know as much as he could about this. He decided to ask as much questions as possible.

What information do I need to provide to the bail agent?

You need to provide the location of the person in custody. You need to give the bail agent the geographical description of Zachary.

You also need to provide Zachary’s identity and booking number.

You also need to provide the amount on which the bail will be granted to Zachary.

This money that I pay, is it going to be refunded?

Of course, Tim was a shrewd businessman, he didn’t build his business by spending money carelessly. Even if it was his beloved brother, he wanted to be sure if there was a way to do this as thriftily as possible.

Anyway, you do not usually get back the premium paid to the bonding agency. However, this fee is entirely earned by the agent when the defendant (our Zachary) is out of custody. If they fail to secure Zachary’s bail, only then will Tim expect some refund.

What would the bondsman be willing to accept as security?

Most bonding agents would accept: real estate, properties, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, credit cards and mostly anything that could be converted to cash. However, each bonding agency have their own standards of bail collateral.

What if Zachary escapes? What if he doesn’t show up in court after being granted bail?

Well, in that case get back to the bond agency and they will discuss with you what the consequences are and what needs to be done. However, the gist of it is that the bond agency is saddled with the responsibility of making sure that the escapee is rearrested and brought to court.

What will happen if Zachary does something stupid while on bail and he is rearrested?

If he is rearrested, Tim may have to surrender his bond. However, if he wants to pay a new premium for the bond. That is also possible. This means that the first premium he paid on the bond is lost, he will have to pay a new premium if Zachary must continue to stay out of jail.

Can Zachary leave the state while on bond?

This is dependent on the terms of the bail. If the court has ordered that he doesn’t leave the state, then he must get permission from the bail agent before he leaves the state. Failure to that would get him rearrested.

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