Hello there, beautiful people! I’m trusting that you are having a perfectly wonderful week. We here at Stingray Bail Bonds wish you the best for the rest of the week. We are still your most trusted, efficient and dependable bail bond agents and we are always at your service to make sure that your loved ones never spend a single night in jail.
Three weeks ago, we threw open the doors of this topic by talking about what bail bonding was all about, we skimmed through the surface of the major concepts of bail bonding. The week before last, we took you on a walk through history, showing you what bail bonding looked like at the time of our forebears, we led you as far back as we could through the road of recorded history before it is totally enshrouded in the impenetrable mist of unrecorded history.
Last week we gave you the nitty-gritty of the bail bond process, we interested you with some little facts which you probably were not aware of. We gave you those little tips which could come in very handy in the case of an arrest.
This week we are going to talk about why bail/bail bonding is very important. In doing this, we have succeeded in spending a merry October talking about Bail Bonding. A month well spent indeed!
That bail/bail bonding is very important is a fact which stands on its own. To begin with, who would like to spend a single second in custody if there were something they could do about it? Every human being is naturally averse to being forcefully restricted. As I said; that fact stands on its own. However, besides the obvious reasons as to why bail is important, there are less obvious reasons too. We are going to talk about all these in due course. So, let’s begin!
Bail/bail bonding gives a person the opportunity of freedom in the course of their trial.This is one of the obvious reasons as to why bail is important. Last week, we talked about how Zachary was arrested and how his brother Tim did everything possible to ensure that he got bail. Now, suppose Zachary were innocent of those crimes he has been accused of, having the option of bail has granted him the opportunity to stay out of custody throughout the course of his trial. This is really important because it softens the impact of the trial process. It saves the accused and his/her family the full extent of the emotional chafing they would have undergone. Nothing is as important as moral support in trying times like this, and bail gives family the chance to be there for their loved ones.
Bail helps keep the prisons decongested and prevents its facilities from getting too strained.
This is another vital but probably overlooked reasons for the importance of bail. It actually seems that people are incarcerated faster than the prison facilities can keep up with them. The facilities are becoming more strained due to this, the prisons are becoming overcrowded. The only thing that would remedy this situation is bail, so the bail bond agents (like Stingray Bail Bonds) come to the rescue. The opportunity to post bail helps keep the prison facilities decongested thereby improving the quality of living for those inside.
The bail bond agent does all the leg work in getting bail for the individual. What getting a bail agent actually does for you is that removes all the stress involved in getting jail for your loved ones. All you need to do is provide the details as we highlighted in previous articles. The full name, booking number etc. Once you have contracted the services of a bail agent, all you just have to do is sit back and relax and wait for your loved one to be released.
The work of bringing back an escaped suspect on bail falls on the agent.
It does happen sometimes that a suspect on bail makes a bolt for it. In the long run, this is actually disastrous for the escapee because if he/she does not remain a fugitive for the rest of their life, then upon being caught, the court is usually very stern with them. The bail bond agent then has to take it upon themselves to recapture the escapee (the court is usually not involved in this). The cost of doing this falls completely upon the bail bond agent. Tough as this is, it is a risk they have to take for every individual they secure bail for. You may have heard of bounty hunting, adventurous as it may sound, it is not fun for the bail agent.
So, good fellows, we have talked about how important bail/bail bonding is to our society. We have by no means exhausted all the services these heroes do for our society. Therefore, feel free to share other ones you can think of in the comment section. Do have a lovely rest of the week.
Live long and prosper!
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