Hello there, awesome people. Greetings from your friends at Stingray Bail Bonds and a happy new month in arrears. We spent a merry October talking about bail bonds and learnt a lot of things concerning them. Admittedly, it’s not everyone that enjoys having their heads filled with facts, isn’t it? However, sometimes it is important you get to know some of these things, especially things that have to do with your well being and your quality of life as a human being.
Last week, we listed the various reasons as to why bail bonds were important and how the bail bondsman has made our much lives easier when we or our loved ones are faced with unfortunate situations. It is nice that we talked about that because this week we are going to tell a story based on true events.
The year is 2014, the month and date, November 21. Altabdel Salem has just been arrested. He was accused of attacking a police officer who was arresting him for stealing a coat from a Zara location in New York. He was kept at Rikers Island and they set his bail at $25000.
It happened, however, that prosecutors weren’t able to get an indictment for the allegation of police assault and on November 28, one week after his arrest, it was ordered that Salem be released. He was kept back nevertheless, because he faced charges for two minor offences from allegedly tampering with a subway card machine. These two minor offences had their bail set at one dollar each, making a total of two dollars. A hilariously small price for a person who would later spend five months in jail.
Let us digress a little and talk about Rikers Island. Now Rikers Island is ranked among the worst of America’s prisons. Located on an island that was initially used to raise pigs for slaughter and as a landfill. Rikers Island is everything nightmarish. According to Mother Jones, New York City’s Island jail complex has it all when it comes to ignominies: inmate violence, staff brutality, rape, abuse of adolescents and the mentally ill, and one of the nation’s highest rates of solitary confinement. It is described as a dismal and highly dangerous place for its inmates. In fact, in 2008, an 18-year-old named Christopher Robinson was beaten and stomped to death in his cell after violating his probation for a juvenile robbery offence.
It was in these deplorable circumstances that our Salem was held for five months for an offence that $2 would have bailed. So what’s the deal? Why was he held for this long where he could have bailed himself with just $2? Well, what happened was an unfortunate communications breakdown. Salem said that he was not aware of that fact (his bail being just $2, that is). According to Salem, no one told him. Salem’s new attorneys accused his previous attorney. Salem was “shocked and dismayed and frustrated,” according to one of his attorneys Glenn Hardy, and rightly so too, because his case was shabbily handled. You could read more about Salem’s unfortunate story here.
The unfortunate incident we have just related is one of the reasons why it is important to have a bail bondsman handy at such times. He is not only efficient like a well-trained bloodhound hot upon the trail of a quarry, he leaves no stone upturned in making sure that his client gets the best deal. He is capable of gathering every information that is relevant for the case at hand. This is one of the lessons we need to learn from this story.
Another important lesson we need to learn is to appreciate the importance of gathering as much information as possible about the situation when we or our loved ones are faced with an unfortunate situation involving confinement. Know the day of the bail hearing, the price of the bail and the best bail bondsman available (Stingray Bail Bonds for instance).
As we keep talking about bail bonding and all things that relate to it, we at Stingray Bail Bonds continue to wish you the best and happiest days. Remember, keep out of trouble, but if the forces in you finally overpower you and push you to an unfortunate situation, we are more than ready to help you. Have a glorious rest of the week
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