Ahoy there, glorious people! It is a glorious time of the year we are at, isn’t it? Are we feeling the zing of the cool air? Does it make you thirst for adventure? We are still Stingray Bail Bonds, your most trusted bail bond agency, and we stand behind you like a reassuring boulder.

We all crave adventure, it is hardwired into our DNA, it might have something to do with our ancestors who were nomadic, they moved from place to place in search of food, away from harsh weather conditions and away from aggressive clans. So basically, our ancestors were always moving. Maybe that’s the reason for our innate restlessness.

Take Jake for instance, Jake has always had a restless spirit inside him. Initially, he wanted to be a biochemist, well, at a point, he decided it was too geeky for him and he decided it was economics he wanted. Halfway through college, boom! Jake switched to criminology. A more restless soul you never saw.

Anyways, Jake graduated from criminology and started working at the DA’s office. He had worked for two years, the pay was good, the work hours were not too tight. Everything was moving beautifully. Then out of the blues, Jake tendered his resignation letter. Reason: he had become tired of the work, the work didn’t stimulate him, it was far too civil for him. We all shook our head in resignation as he gave all these reasons, we couldn’t change his mind if we tried, if the adventurous streak in Jake was long, do you know what was longer? His stubborn streak. It stretched from here to God-knows-where.

Anyways, we asked him what he wanted to do next. We all waited anxiously for his answer, because judging him from his past decisions, he always went for something more daring.

He wanted to work in a bail bond agency.

We all breathed with relief, this was alright, I mean it was just as civil as working in the DA’s office. But wow! Maybe we breathed too soon. We soon found out what exactly he would be doing in the bail bond agency.

He wanted to be a bounty hunter!

Well, there was nothing we could do, one way or the other. Jake was a stubborn mule. Once he had made his decision, there was no going back. So, that haven been said, how would Jake go about becoming a bounty hunter?

The first hurdle will be the legal hurdle, inasmuch as bounty hunting is legal in most parts of the United States, (except Illinois, Wisconsin and Oregon) there are some restrictions. So, Jake cannot practice in any of these three states, which is okay since he wasn’t planning to. He would be in Florida.

In Florida, people who want to be bail agents must be licensed only through the Florida Department of Financial Services, the Bureau of Agent and Agency Licensing. Another thing is that Jake must not call himself a bounty hunter. This means that the term bounty hunter is not legally used in Florida. He could call himself a Bail agent or a limited surety agent.

We began to suspect that it might just be possible that Jake may not be the hothead everyone thinks he is, when we saw the conditions that needed to be satisfied to be a ‘bounty hunter’. What if this decision was made after many years of careful analysis? Jake seemed to have satisfied all the conditions required for his bounty hunter training. For Jake to undergo a bounty hunter training, either he gets a university education in order to earn a degree in criminal justice or law enforcement or he completes a certificate program from a bounty hunter training school that meets the requirements in his state. Jake already had a degree in criminology, so he was good to go. So, it looked like Jake had always had this in mind while in college.

Jake has completed his degree and he’s set to become a bail bond agency’s bounty hunter (could it be Stingray Bail Bonds?)

It actually sounds adventurous, the thrill of tracking down an escaped criminal, trying to dive into the escapee’s mind. Thinking like the fugitive. The thrill of following them as they run, piecing together scraps of information to determine where the escapee has been, what they had done while there, where they will possibly be and what they will possibly do. It does involve mental agility, physical toughness and a good measure of general sprightliness.

However, no matter how fun bounty hunting sounds, it actually is a very serious business, not only is it not taken lightly, it takes its toll on the bail bond agency. This means that when an accused person makes a bolt for it and Jake’s agency requires him to track this fellow down, the cost of financing this recapture falls solely on the bail bond agency. So you see, it is not all fun and games.

Today we have learnt what is involved before a person can become a bounty hunter, so if you want to be a bounty hunter, you now know what is in store for you. Good luck in this possible future endeavor. Remember we are still your trusty friends, Stingray Bail Bonds. Florida’s foremost bail bond agency. Remember also, do not get into trouble, but if you do get into trouble, we will come to your rescue. However, while we are at it, please save us a whole lot of trouble by not making a bolt for it.

Have a perfect rest of the week.


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