It is another beautiful week, with new promises and new adventures, we at Stingray Bail Bonds wish you the best of this week. We have really talked quite a lot about bail bonds. In fact, we are still on it. However today, we are going to talk about them in a different way. We are going to bring a story to you. A bail bond story. So tighten your seatbelts, good fellas, we are going on an adventure.

Bruce had always been a bully, right from his childhood days. In the children’s playground, he would manhandle other kids, he was always the one disrupting play. The worrisome part of it was that Bruce was as big as a Truck he had always been the biggest guy in every room. Even back then, when his parents would send him to his room in exasperation, after getting reports from other children’s parents about Bruce’s abusive tendencies, he was bigger than everyone else.

Bruce stood at a towering six foot five inches with huge, hairy arms, a large chest and a protruding stomach. His head was always shaved clean but his beard was full and luxuriant, black, with hints of gray. He was every inch the big man. He was aware of his size and used it to the maximum for intimidation.

Bruce’s wife Jean on the other hand, was a rather petite woman. She barely crossed the five-foot line. She was a redhead with deep blue eyes, her skin was the color of milk. She had been married to Bruce for close to three years and the marriage seemed to be going fairly well. There had been one or two occasions where Jean had been seen with a black eye or broken lips, but she had explained it away as accidents. People had their suspicions but everyone minded their business.

Bruce was a truck driver and he always got home late at night, most of the time, he would get home very drunk. This night, he had gotten home very drunk and very irritable. No one really knew what had set him off that night, but the screams of terror and pain that started emanating from their house a few minutes after he had parked his truck, sent chills down everyone’s spine. It was Jean screaming. Some of the neighbors rushed into the house to rescue Jean, another called 911. When they got into the house, Jean was lying on the floor and Bruce the brute had his hands raised to deal another blow on her. Two guys rushed forward, they tried pinning his hands to his sides, but his huge fists swatted them off. They staggered off, very dazed. It took the timely arrival of the police to subdue him. They actually had to tazze him before he was subdued.

Jean was taken to the hospital, she had suffered three broken ribs, a concussion and memory loss.

Bruce was charged for drunk driving, aggravated assault, battery, infliction of grievous bodily harm and attempted murder. His bail was set at $25000 after the hearing. The bail agency whom Bruce had contracted took care of all the technicalities and he was released on bail. It was Jake’s bail bond agency that handled Bruce’s bail (remember Jake from last week’s story?)

Three days after Bruce’s bail was secured, Jake’s boss Allan walked into Jake’s office and threw down a folder on Jake’s table.

“This is our man Bruce.” Allan growled, pointing at the folder. His eyes were two chips of fury.

“What happened to him?” Jake’s heart was pounding with excitement.

“He has skipped town!” Allan yelled in frustration. “Get ready to give him chase! Track the bastard down, anywhere he’s run to!

Jake was thrilled. This was like a dream come true. His first job as a bounty hunter. He had always dreamed of this day since he finished his bounty hunter training and got this job.

Join us next week as we follow Jake’s adventure in his search for Bruce.


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