Hey! Merry Christmas in advance. Christmas is already heavy in the air; we can smell it here at Stingray Bail Bonds. I’m sure you can smell it too. So, in that note, we wish you a merry, fun-filled and highly enjoyable Christmas.

In that same note, and in the spirit of the season, we will also like to remind you that we are still your most trusted Bail bond agent. We are the father Christmas of bail bonds! And never has it been known, nor heard of, that we ever left our beloved clients hanging. So if by any quirk of fate, you find yourself in a not-so-enjoyable situation, we are primed and eager to fly to your rescue.

Haven said that, let us get down to the business of the day. How has bail bonding influenced popular culture? How has it been portrayed? Today, we take a dive into the lakes of fiction embellished by facts.

Today, we are going to talk about some movies, and if you get the time, you could watch them, then you will determine by yourself whether the portrayal of the bail bond industry is accurate. So here we go!

Blood Money (1933)

Although this movie is not a portrayal of the bail bond industry per se, it is featured here because it is probably the earliest portrayal of the bail bond agent in movies.

Blood Money is a 1933 crime/drama, one hour fifteen minutes long which features an underworld bail bondsman George Bancroft who falls for a young kleptomaniac, portrayed by Frances Dee. In the movie, she yearns for a strong man who will dominate her. Before long, she meets one of Bancroft’s clients a man of questionable character and a brother to Bancroft’s long-time sweetheart. The character played by Dee ends up swindling Bancroft, leading to a falling out between Bancroft and his connections in the underworld. This movie is what is referred to as a pre-Code movie, which is the period between the merging of video and sound and the enforcement of motion pictures.

Midnight Run (1988)

This movie is the more classical portrayal of the Bail bond industry in popular culture, in that it features the bounty hunter. Most movies usually feature the bounty hunter as the tough adventurous fellow who goes through excitement and difficulties as they try to bring in an escapee who skips bail. This movie fits right into the mold.

It features Jack Walsh a Los Angeles based bounty hunter who hates his job, Walsh is a former Chicago police officer who was allegedly run out of town by Jimmy Serrano, a mob boss. The same reasons that led to his removal from the police force also led to the dissolution of his marriage. Although he has not seen his wife and daughter in nine years, he still loves them very much.

A bail bondsman Eddie Moscone, whom Jack usually works for convinces him to pick up Jonathan Mardukas, a bail jumper whom no one knows his whereabouts. Mardukas had embezzled $15 million from his mob boss. Jack negotiates a lucrative deal. However, if Mardukas is not brought back within five days, Eddie would lose his business. On the first day, Jack is able capture Mardukas in New York using some contacts and a stolen Identity. Jack and Mardukas are forced to travel by train to get back to Los Angeles when Mardukas fakes a panic attack on the plane. Many people were on their tail including Alonzo Moseley an FBI agent and his associates. Alonzo had been conducting an operation against Serrano for many years. There was Serrano and his people who didn’t want Mardukas to testify. Then there was Marvin Dorfler, another bounty hunter of whom there was no love lost between him and Jack. Eddie hires Marvin in case of Jack’s failure. There were other people who try to persuade Jack to give up Jonathan by offering him more money. Then there was the captive Jonathan Mardukas who drives Jack nuts, because he does all he can to escape or convince Jack to let him go, since he would be an easy target for Serrano and his people if he is in prison. He also had a number of phobias and quirks of personality which all contributed to make the journey a tiresome one for Jack.

However, after all the challenges Jack faced, he was able to return Mardukas to Los Angeles before the deadline, but he realizes that couldn’t bring himself to send Mardukas to prison, so Jack lets Mardukas go.

So, lovely people, we are going to draw the curtains here on this one for this week, but stay tuned for more interesting discussions from your best and most trusted bail bonds man. Stingray Bail Bonds!


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