Hello awesome people, welcome to another beautiful year. We here at Stingray Bail bonds wish you a merry, prosperous and joyous new year. Phew! Last year was a hit. We hope to make this year an even bigger hit than last year. However, before we jump into this year’s business, let’s take a moment and review the stuff we did last year.

First of all, we started by taking a general overview of bail bonds, we found out how bail bonds work; how to post bail, the processes that are undergone before an incarcerated person is released. We then talked about how bail bonding works in Florida and so on.

In the second article, we delved the history of bail bonding. Remember how we took you on a walk through history, through thirteenth century Europe. Remember how we went all the way back to circa 2750BC? We talked about how bail bonding has evolved, until it became what it is now.

The following week, we answered some FAQs. Remember the story of Zachary and the good man Tim? We walked you through all the scenarios that could crop up in the course of Zachary’s bail processing. Through that, we were able to give you a more than rudimentary knowledge of bail bonds.

The next week, we showed you the importance of bail bonds; we showed you how the bail bondsman made life easier for everyone. How he bears the brunt of the worry associated with bailing an incarcerated person. We made you appreciate the bail bondsman didn’t we?

Without resting on our achievements, we went straight to tell you the story of Salem the Algerian, who spent nearly five months in Rikers Island prison because of a $2 bail. Information is indeed power!

The next week, we talked about the making of a bounty Hunter, what it entails to become one, the conditions to be satisfied and the training one must undergo. Remember Jake?

After that, we proceeded to tell you a bail bond story. Remember the story of Bruce the bully, who was arrested for beating his wife? Remember how we completed the story in the following week, when Bruce took off and Jake tracked him down? Those were merry days indeed!

In the following weeks of December, did we not explore the portrayal of the bail bondsman in popular culture? We discussed four movies which clearly revealed to us the fact that the bounty Hunter character is a beloved character for producers. It pointed out to us that the set as well as the audience loved the bounty hunter character!

We have spent many a merry day of 2018 thrashing out the bigger and smaller issues in bail bonding, we have only one promise to make you this year. It can only get better!

While we are at it, may we reiterate our commitment to fly to your assistance whenever you call us. Are Stingray Bail Bonds, permit us to be at your service.

Have an auspicious year ahead!

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