Saved By The Cat. GO Cuddles!!!

Lady get off the bus comes into the office with a 10K (3 week old bond). No job(disability), house belongs to boyfriends dead ex-wife. I ask if she has the $1000 she says no that’s why she stopped in here was to see what i could do for her. After she says she loves cats! Cuddles jumps up in her lap, she jumps up and says I don’t think this is going anywhere you have a great day and heads for the door. (Oppps….. gotta be buzzed out first mam) LMAO


Best Volusia County Bondsman!!!

1 thought on “Saved By The Cat. GO Cuddles!!!

  1. Cuddles is the hero we need – not the hero we deserve. Thanks so much for sharing a photo of this exceptional little creature.

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